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Criteria and Guiding Practices


Proposals will be selected based on the following criteria:

  1. Impact: Project proposals must offer the potential to create a sizeable and transformational impact on MSF’s mission by improving outcomes for patients and/or improving MSF’s ability to provide medical assistance to people in need.
  2. Viability: Project proposals must demonstrate long-term sustainability; clear accountability mechanisms for project delivery; and ways through which success can be adequately measured.
  3. Risk tolerance: Proposals for projects that carry higher risks of failure will be welcomed, as long as they bring a correlated potential for greater transformational impact and provide lessons learned.
  4. Scalability: Projects must be scalable and replicable across the movement.


Transformational Investment Capacity projects will operate using the following guiding practices:

Projects will be delivered in an accelerated timeframe to reduce the time between idea and outcome.
External Partnerships
Projects can leverage both MSF and external partners for expertise and excellence.
Projects should be visible across the MSF movement and have a high degree of accountability.
Projects should have compelling cases and clear milestones, with indicators to measure progress and success.
Projects should adhere to common technology standards; open access, open source, data ownership, etc. to ensure technology choices are inter-operable, easily scaled, shared and accessible across MSF.

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