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Check out the latest news from the TIC and our project teams.

September 2021

TIC: September 2021 Digest Article

October 2020

TIC: October 2020 Update

POCUS: Transforming Clinical Care at the Patient’s Bedside with Point-of-Care-Ultrasound

MSF REACH: Reaction Assessment Collaboration Hub

People Respect and Value Phase 2 – Diversity, Equity and Inlcusion

July 2020

TIC: July 2020 Update

MSFeCARE: Improving Patient Care with an Electronic Decision Support System

West and Central Africa Operational Directorate: Changing the Face of Humanitarian Aid

ClimateSmart-MSF: Reducing MSF’s Environmental Footprint & Creating a Path to Carbon Neutrality

Harnessing Social and Digital Media to Better Reach Vulnerable Populations

May 2020

TIC: COVID-19 Update 

Harnessing MSF Field Simulation for Operations

Moving Towards Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at MSF

Strengthening Meteorological and Climate Anticipation at MSF

February 2020

TIC: February 2020 Update

MSF Academy: Moving Professional Medical Learning to the Heart of Field Reality

Transforming Cancer Care in Low-Resource Settings

MSF Urban Spaces: Taking Action for Change

October 2019

TIC: October 2019 Update

Mini-Lab: Addressing Antibiotic Resistance with a Low-Cost and Transportable Lab

Global Induction: Strengthening Induction to Equip and Empower Staff

People Analytics: Harnessing Data Science for MSF’s Global Workforce

SITS: MSF’s Shared IT Service

July 2019

TIC: July 2019 Update

Innovative Approaches to Malaria Vector Control: A Sweet Death to Stop Malaria

Taking Action to Ensure the Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in MSF

Mentoring & Coaching Hub: Empowering MSF’s Global Workforce

Environmental Impact Toolkit: Adapting a Tool to Measure, Monitor, and Mitigate MSF’s Environmental Footprint

April 2019

TIC: April 2019 Update

POCUS: Transforming Clinical Care at the Patient’s Bedside with Point-of-Care Ultrasound

MSF LEAP: Empowering the Next Generation of MSF Leaders

Migration History Tool: Improving MSF’s Operational Response for Migrant Populations

December 2018

TIC: Transforming MSF. For Today and Tomorrow.

STORM-C: Transforming the Treatment and Care of Hepatitis C in Low and Middle-Income Countries

Tembo: Transforming Learning in the Field

Khetha: Youth IEC 2.0 | Powering User-Driven Solutions in the HIV Response

Bridging the Global Health Education Gap with MSF’s Global Health and Humanitarian Medicine Course