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Emmanuel Guillaud

TIC Lead, Transformational Investment Capacity (TIC), MSF
For the past 5 years, Emmanuel Guillaud has been overseeing the Transformational Investment Capacity (TIC), an international initiative created by the International Board and Core ExCom to accelerate MSF’s transformation and “Invest in MSF to transform our ability to address the medical and humanitarian needs of vulnerable populations around the world”. Emmanuel has been engaged with MSF Associations for over 20 years and has field experience as Head of Mission in The Sudan, Liberia and Bosnia-Herzegovina for Action Contre la Faim. He also has over 25 years of international industry experience in consulting, high tech and software services. As part of his work, he has been involved in several start-ups and brings an innovation mind-set to this role. His leadership and executive experience contribute to the TIC’s international engagement. He holds a Masters of Science in Aeronautics and Space Engineering and an MBA.